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Tropicana Fun

Tropicana Fun is a free rhythmic synth based on it's bigger
brother Tropicana.It's crafted for producing the caribbeans
musical style arpeggios. It based on 2 independent 
wavetable \ pad oscillators combined with innovative modular 
arpeggiator design. All the oscillators can perform together
or independently. The synthesis section provides a selection 
between wavetables method or pad section. It can characterize 
the overall sound's color by a special "character" feature 
and also equipped with more typical synthis features including
11 types of filters, 1 LFO and 1 env modulation system with
6 simultaneous sends each, ring modulation and uniuqe colored
"Zelda filter" per oscillator. It can play in both mono or 
poly modes (per osc) and able to combine 3 mono playing 
thecnics (hold stolen note, retrigger new note, retrigger
stolen note).The modular arpeggiator is actually a combination
between a **chords driven** midi arpeggiator with 1000 built
in arpeggios and **chords driven** midi trance gate with
16 steps (max.). Both the arp and the trance gate **recognize
played chords** and can follow them independently or 
co-operate together on the same midi arpeggio line.
This method ensure endless posibilities and a very easy yet
fun programming of new arpeggioes and melodies. Both are
sensitive to complex midi keys fingering and know
to adopt the DAW's tempo and time signature, which ensure
perfect integration with your track. Both are also equipped
with randomizing abilities as well, promising hours of fun
and creativity.



Tropicana Fun is a free plugin. Enjoy. 

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