Hi folks,

Here are some instructions that will help you to use our automatic registration and purchasing system.


New user that never purchased from us yet should first register to create their own "private zone" in our member area. After registering with google or facebook acount, you'll be directed to your private zone. Once you are logged in, you can purchase and get your serial number that needed for the vstis registration. Already registered users can press "REGISTER\BUY" button and move in to their private zone after confirming their google or facebook account and see their purchased serial.



First, open any of our vsti in your favorite D.A.W, press the “REGISTER” button there and collect your ID number. After purchasing a license, you'll be directed to ID confirmation screen which will allow you writing your ID number in the “DEVICE ID” string box and get the serial number as an answer when pressing the “GET SERIAL”button.




Add the serial into our vsti and press “SAVE LICENSE FILE”. Saving should be done in the vsti’s root folder which is located at “C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Fananteam\*instrument*


Normally, pressing ”save” will direct you to the relevant directory automatically.


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