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Majoris is a unique synth based arranger organ that can enhance creativity and help songwriters and composers to quickly compose new ideas and melodies. It emulates the automatic accompaniment organs method (like in korg pa900 and etc.) and powers a built-in drums & bass oscillators and sampler to play styles that can be programmed by the user and played as a style with no additional midi routing, internal midi connection or midi cables straight from your instrument channel in the DAW.

The method

Like any other hardware arranger organ, Majoris splits the physical keyboard into 2 zones. The right zone plays solo instruments. You can use the built-in synth for that or simply route the midi signal to other VSTi's opened in the DAW by midi channels. The left zone controls the played style's chords which can be switched in fingered or one finger mode. Majoris has 10 variations slots per style include intros, main variations, fills and ends. The variations can be controlled by any midi controller or even with midi pads or the keyboard notes. Even the "jump to" destinations can be re-programmed.

The internal sound generators

Majoris uses synths and a drum sampler as it's own sound generators. The drum sampler's kits can be deeply programmed and edited and the bass and the solo synths are quite basic but easy to operate. The bass synth can be also ducked by an internal side-chain send from the drums (for better style performance) and the whole style section can be ducked by the solo synth.  

The style sequencer

The style sequencer which create new styles uses almost the same programming method as our Callisto. You can program both minor and majors variations of your style and save each with it's unique tempo or synced to the DAW.

An apology!

Since this project is too huge to count all it's nuances and mini features, we recommend novice arranger users to first read the principles of the arranger organs. Sorry we can't count them all, but we believe this tool is quite intuitive with a reasonable shallow learning curve, so please, make a little research before you dive into it.  

Main features list

  • 10 variations drums & bass styles slots with major and minor chords per variation

  • One finger (jumps from minor to major with double clicking) or full fingered modes.

  • Dedicated style's 10 slots drum sampler with built-in effects

  • Dedicated style's bass synth with built in effects and ducking option

  • Dedicated solo synth with 3 variations per style and on-GUI switching buttons. 

  • Transition sensitivity button

  • Mute button

  • Hold variation button

  • split keyboard knob

  • global and independent transpose knob

  • Solo midi router (to DAW) via midi channels

  • Master, style and solo volume knobs

  • "Jump to" menu selectors

  • Dedicated or synced tempo

  • Full automation

  • Auto cymbal crash feature

  • Internal "Callisto" style programming sequencer

  • Visual info bar

  • Resizable GUI

Majoris Comes with 8 pre-made styles.

Majoris Demo limitation - 3 sec. of silence every 15 sec.


Majoris is our Royal pack member   which costs 30$ and can be also purchased as a single licensed plug-in for 8$


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