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RandRobin is a round robin effect emulation that emulates
humanization for drum elements such as snares, cymbles, hi-hats and perccution. It's based on a randomization of pitch values over the full frecuency spectrum of the signal.

The plugin cuts the signal into 3 frequency bands (low, middle, high) and applies random pitch changes to each band separately. The frequency band knobs determaine how far the difference between the original pitch and the manipulated pitch can go (pitchbending).  The "same pitch to all" button refers to whether the random pitch values remain the same for all the frequency bands or 
individual pitches for each band separately. The "pitchbending method" menu determines the type of the pitchbending jumps."only up" means the pitch jumpes will always be higher than the original. "only down" means the pitch jumpes will always be lower than the original. "up & down" means the pitch jumpes will be both higher and lower. The "dry - wet ratio" is kind of mixture between the original
signal occuration and the manipulated signal occuration. when the value of this knob is low, the chances of the
original signal occuration are higher. The higher it goes,
the chances of the manipulated signal occuration increases.   

RandRobin is free.


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