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ScandiSoul 2

ScandiSoul 2 is the new successor to the first Scandisoul module and continues the legacy of the Nord analog soul organs. It yet works in an open mixer format but now enhanced with some more new features.

The Oscillators

The main sound engine uses the same 32bit top quality oscillators as the previous, with the highest possible dynamic range and now, with 7 waveforms per oscillator. The waveforms emulate the great Nord soul organs of all times and can be mixed together and create a vast of sound colors, textures and articulations.  

ScandSoul 2's oscillators also include a user friendly global hipass-lopass filters per oscillator, a new modeled rotary speaker emulation, drawbars, hammer generator (click) and a rich effects rack.

The X-factors

ScandiSoul's depth and flexibility achieved by it's extra-features section. 2 shaped independent envelopes, one per oscillator, new crafted rotary speaker module with independent sends per oscillator, an internal side-chaining option for creating much glossy and mix cutting  sound and indeed, drawbars to complete the frequecy control.

The effects


ScandiSoul also offers a full section of built in effects (Cabinet, chorus, phaser, wha-wha, reverb, delay and gleam effect).


ScandiSoul 2 is one of our royal pack members which costs 30$

Demo limitation - 3 sec. of silence every 15 sec.

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