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Brunetta is a multi-fx plug-in, crafted especially for live vocals. It contains 5 boutique vocals bread & butter effects that has been designed to extract the best of human's vocals nuances with minimum efforts and near to zero latency, even with fully turned-on  fx chain.

Brunetta contains Eq, compressor, harmonizer, reverb and delay.

The Eq

Brunetta's Eq is made for sweetening, with a very soft touch. It can also be mixed with a gentle mono-stage tube saturator which helps extracting and emphasizing enunciation with any kind of microphone. 


The compressor 

Brunetta's compressor delivers minimum coloration and a decent amount of attack which to provide a decent loyalty to the source simultaneously with massive energy in the total mix. 

The harmonizer

Adds 2 back voices, based on the the source material. Helpful whenever a background accompaniment is needed.


The reverb 

3D reverb with serial and or parallel connectivity with complete separation between the dry and wet signals, frequency range dimensions and ducking abilities

The delay

Massive feedback range echo-delay with D.A.W BPM syncing capabilities and frequency range dimensions extraction.   

Demo limitation - 3 sec. of silence every 15 sec.


Brunneta is our Royal pack member   which costs 30$

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