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Bella is a bells and mallets-oriented instrument that uses a chord-driven step sequencer to create a vast of instrumental phrases. These phrases can be used in many musical events like songs, EDM, experimental music, ringtones, or even smartphone notification sounds. You can also create interesting transitions or background accompaniment.

How it works?

At its core, Bella is a synth that uses 8 bells and mallets models together with traditional synthesis features. This includes a lo-hi filter and an optional portamento effect. It's also equipped with 3 effects: Wah Wah, space-based reverb, and delay.

But the real fun maker here is the programmable step sequencer. It can follow any kind of played chord and create complex arpeggios, while synced (or not synced) to the DAW's tempo and time signature. The "sync time" button, when turned on, can adopt the DAW's time signature, while the BPM syncing button adopts the DAW's BPM. The programmable sequences can be saved to an independent file and loaded anytime in any preset. Overall, Bella focuses on simplifying the programming process and creating new musical events with ease.

Bella is free


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