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Sultana is a slot driven oriental drum sampler and drums groove arranger. It brings up some of the most desired features that modern production technology has to offer.


The Sampler

Sultana uses 10 file sample slots to build 10 oriental drum components drum-kits. According to this approach, each slot can be any kind of sound. Each slot is triggered by its own unique midi note which noted on its slot button. For instance, slot 48 is triggered by note number 48 in the midi keyboard (c2). The samples menu is divided into 5 categories, including a wide range of oriental drums components types. Once you press on any type button, you get the list of the samples you can choose from. Sultana comes with 24  arranged drum-kits that indeed, the user can re-build as he wish.

The Morph System

Sultana is armed with brand new morphing system which can blend any 2 drum elements together (which can create tons of new fresh drum sounds). The morph system can also play with the blended element's pitch and increase the invention of new drum sounds like never before. 

The Mixer

Sultana has a built-in mixer that allows you to tweak any sample separately. You can use the hi pass-lo pass filter, change the pitch, add a round robin pitch manipulation with 3 modes (up-down, up-middle, down middle), add presence and drift effect to every sample, pan and add saturation, phase effect, delay or some interesting coloring by using our Zelda filer. 

The Kit Manager

Sultana can set "sample start and "sample end" points with midi assignable knobs and it also allows you to tweak the active keyboard's octaves starting points and tweak or fire up the master effects.


The Arpeggiator

Sultana is not only a great sampler but also an arranger styles midi sequencer. It uses the arranger keyboards style sequencer method to run 8 simultaneous midi grooves per style that can be switched instantly with a midi keyboard. Each variation gets its own midi key number and the transitions are synced to the determined tempo. Indeed, users can

also program their own styles as well.

Randomize it all the way!

Sultana's benefits don't end with the sound shaping and grooving. They go beyond to randomization and you'll find in it great tools that will make your drum track more interesting and non-monotone. The seeded 3 modes round robin manipulates each drum element separately. In addition, there is a "random on-off" feature seeded in the arpeggiatior which randomly turns on and off any selected drum element.    

GUI And Controls

Sultana has a customizable GUI which it's size can be set by the user

Full features list

  • 10 drum sample slots per kit

  • 10 virtual drum-pads

  • 5 drum element banks that adjusted to wide range of oriental genres

  • Drum elements morphing system per element

  • Automation file manager

  • Midi assignable start\end points manager

  • Full virtual mixer with gain knobs, master effect send knobs, pitch knobs, round robin manager knobs, presence, hp-lp filter and pan knobs, master compressor, master saturation, delay and reverb effects armed with a unique F.R. (apply effect a cross selected frequency range)  feature.

  • 64 steps arranger style arpeggiator with 8 variations per style, unique time signature per variation, midi keyboard controllable variation switch, crash every selected end point, unique or synced tempo

  • Random on-off feature

  • Stereo or 10 separate outputs to the DAW (1 per drum element)

  • Scalable and customizable GUI


Sultana sold individually fro 25$.

Demo limitation: 3 seconds silent every 15 seconds.


price - 25$

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