ScandiSoul, like our ScandiClavia, is a tiny size virtual analog Nordish organ module, that works in an open mixer format but enhanced with some more new exciting features and enriched with more controls and depth options.

The Oscillators

ScandiSoul's main soul are the improved 2 32bit top quality waveform engine with incredibly high dynamic range oscillators which generate 2 organ modules emulation, each with it's own size and color: 1960's style electric blues organ and 1970's style electric jazz organ. ScandiSould is inspired by the great Nord hardware organs sound, although using slightly different synthesis approach.

The 2 oscillators can be mixed together into a punchy, clicky and aggressive organ sound, allowing the player creating very useful and musical organ combinations, articulations and textures. ScandiSoul's oscillators has full synthesis section, 2 different midi velocity options, stereo enhancer engine, new gleam effect, a user friendly global hipass-lopass filters per oscillator.

The X-factors

ScandiSoul's depth and flexibility achieved by it's extra-features section. 2 shaped independent envelopes, one per oscillator, independent tremolo and gleam effect per oscillator, a dynamic SVF  filter and split-keyboard feature that allows splitting your hardware midi keyboard into 2 zones and send each or both oscillators to a different zone (hi or low).

Nuances everywhere

ScandiSoul got an exclusive hammer manager which manages the percussive effect  of the organ's hammer. You can choose from 9 types from dull to noisy and determine every little nuance of the hammer. ScandiSoul also equipped with 2 speeds leslie effect generator which can be added separately into each of the organ's oscillators.   

The effects

ScandiSoul also offers a full section of built in effects (stereo widener, chorus, phaser, wha-wha, reverb and delay), advanced midi mode and dedicated organs alike draw-bars system, but the big plus is the is the internal side-chaining effect which allow the player highlighting one oscillator at the expense of the other with the popular sought-after ducking effect. The side-chain engine is bi-directional and each of the oscillators can duck the other.


ScandiSoul is one of our royal pack members which costs 30$

Demo limitation - 3 sec. of silence every 15 sec.

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