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Kitton is general midi compatible drum machine. It lumps 10 top crafted full featured drumkits that will make your GM compatible drum midi file \ track sound amazingly realistic.

The Kits

  • Standard kit

  • Power kit

  • Analog kit

  • Modern kit

  • Jazz kit

  • Rock kit

  • Pop kit

  • Hip hop kit

  • Soul kit

  • Room kit

Main features

  • 10 top crafted full GM compatible drumkits

  • 6 built-in top notch zero latency effects including Zelda filter, Eq, saturation, compressor, reverb, delay and stereo widener

  • Dedicated pitch shifter per drum element

  • Midi learning for every significant knob\button

  • Individual volume, pitch, round robin, filter and length for each drum element

Kitton is one of our royal pack members which costs 30$

Demo limitation - 3 sec. of silence every 15 sec.

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