On stage (coming soon)

On stage is a stand-alone application for windows (controlled by an ASIO driver) that acts as virtual live analog mixer for karaoke singers and broadcasters that makes live performance sessions very easy and intuitive. It splits the session mission into 2 sections: the "singer" section which takes care of the vocal performance and the "playback"section, which receives the playback components (playbacks, music, keyboards, organs, etc.)

The mixer sections

Each mixer section contains different tools for different missions. The "singer section" has lopass-hipass filter and a parametric EQ on each channel and "master fx" knob to add the master effects influence on the channel itself. The master effects, which can be routed to each of the singer channels contain:


Tube effect with F.R. feature (frequency range oriented effect applying) 


Reverb with F.R. feature

Delay with F.R. feature and tempo oriented syncing feature.

The singer channel master effects contain:

Tube effect with F.R. feature (frequency range oriented effect applying) 


Side-chain compressor which allows a smooth ducking effect on the playback by the singer's voice trigger for perfect vocals-playback gluing, based on low-high frequency limits spacing.  

The Inputs router

The inputs router is where the user sends each of the physical inputs of his sound card\audio interface material to the singer's or playback's channels. On this stage, he can easily determine the input's characters and path. 


The recorder

A simple and easy using recording feature for instant session recording on the fly. The session's total time can be pre-determined (max 15 minutes) and then can be saved as wav. format file. 


The set manager

Saves the user's settings into preset

MIDI support and automation

Any significant knob or button can be easily learned by clicking right mouse button on it and used by up to 16 midi controllers at once. The automation settings can be then saved into a file and loaded anytime.

System requirement:

  • Windows xp (32\64 bit) or newer

  • ASIO driver

  • 16 mb free space on the HDD


Onstage Arp is not attached to our product line pack and sold separately for 19$.

Demo limitation: 3 seconds silent every 15 seconds.

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