Boo boom

Boo boom is slot based drum sampler. It uses 20 (.wav) file sample slots to build 20 drum components drumkits. According to this approach, every slot can be anything, from kicks to snares or cymbals or you name it. Each slot is triggered by its own unique midi note which noted on its slot button. For instance, slot 48 is triggered by note number 48 in the midi keyboard (c2). The samples menu is divided into 14 categories, including a wide range of drumkit components types. Each type button (kicks, snares, claps, etc.) is directing to it’s own sample library folder which located at “C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Fananteam\Boo boom\core”. Once you press on any type button, you get the list of the samples you can choose from. Each sample folder has a room for 150 samples. Of course, you can add your own wave files straight to the folders and delete the existing given samples. Boo boom will read them. Boo boom comes with 30 full drumkits to start with. They are all replaceable, so its up to you to decide. Boo boom has also a built-in mixer that allows you to tweak any sample separately. You can use the EQ, change the pitch, pan and you can use our pitch based round robin effect which has a wide control ability on the final sound. The mixer is also armed with 3 master effects (compressor, reverb, delay). Boo boom can also be expanded to up to 20 “physical” outputs in your D.A.W (20out mode). In this mode, every slot gets its own separated channel in the D.A.W mixer and allows you to manipulate every sample separately (The master effects are disabled in this mode). Boo boom loads drumkits extremely fast and uses a “one button press” preset manager which allows a super-fast presets switching. It also allows you to tweak the active keyboard's octaves and tweak or fire up the master effects by using macro knobs and buttons. Boo boom uses 24 presets drumkit banks. Each preset represents a full drumkit containing all the components. Boo boom is attached to our product line pack which costs 20$.

Demo limitation: 3 seconds silent every 15 seconds.

boo boom1.png
boo boom2.png

price - 20$

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